Boy With Brain Cancer Gets Surprise Visit From Santa

Published December 15, 2017 1,258 Plays

Rumble / Everyday HeroesSanta Claus made an early stop to a very special boy's house. Sebastian Bradley, 9, of Williamsville, N.Y., has been battling brain cancer, so Santa and his helpers wanted to make this Christmas extra special for him.

The Bradley Family of Williamsville recently received terrible news. This will be little Sebastian Bradley’s last Christmas with his family.

“My friend Eli’s little boy, Sebastian, was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2016,” said Hillary Roe. “He had surgery and chemotherapy and the scan last week showed the tumor doubled in size. They are ceasing treatment. This will be his last Christmas.” Sebastian’s family and friends are now asking the community for help in making his last Christmas a special one.

When Santa Claus received news about brave little Sebastian, he went out of his way to make his Christmas that much more special. He reined his fastest horses, dressed up his best carriage and went to make a visit and see Sebastian right outside his home, presents in hand.

“To be a part of this young man’s last Christmas is beyond honorable,” said Lauralee Sibiga, owner of LJ Grand Livery Stables who will be surprising him next week. “When I’m an old, gray haired woman one day, looking out into the pasture of old horses, I will reminisce with them about the highlights of our lives together… the days we made someone a little happier because we were there for them.”

We can’t imagine the happiness seeing Santa outside on a sleigh meant to this brave and wonderful little boy. Every kid on the planet loves meeting him in person, but for Sebastian it was something completely different.

If you want to join in making Christmas special for Sebastian, you can send him a card or a gift at:

Sebastian Bradley
PO Box 1495
Lockport, NY 14094