Mailman Experiences A Series Of Unfortunate Events

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Published: December 15, 2017

There are two things that you can always count on your mailman to do - ring twice and deliver always! But one postal worker made one very special, yet unwanted delivery on December 14, when he clipped a mailbox, fell out of his truck and got almost run over by his own delivery vehicle on the streets of Oklahoma city.

The owner of the footage says: "It’s the Christmas season and delivery people are busy. Let’s hope none of them have a bad day like this. I heard a very loud noise outside, so we ran to see what occurred. We found the mailman and his truck in the neighbor's yard and house. After watching our home surveillance, we found that he had hit a mailbox, fallen out of his truck and got run over., followed by the mail truck crashing into the house. Thankfully, he was okay minus a few cuts and scrapes."

Talk about a series of unfortunate events! The footage shows the truck driving slowly down Northwest 130th street in the Oklahoma city suburbs, when the driver loses control of the vehicle and it slams the curb. From there is just one blunder after the other.

Inertia forces the mailman out of the open sides of the truck. He falls down on the street, where inertia takes a second slam at the poor man and swerves the truck on top of him! While the mailman tries to get quickly back on his feet, the truck drives slowly but surely into the corner of the nearby house, where it stops. But that didn’t mean the end of the postal worker’s worries; he actually trips over his own feet while running to stop the truck from making further damages to suburbia.

If you ever needed proof that Christmas is a time of miracles, then here it is! The man manages to get his truck back and continue on his route as Santa’s helper. Whether the damages were fixed in unknown.

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