Man Tries To Cope With The Loss Of His Dog In The Cutest Ways

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Published: December 15, 2017Updated: December 18, 2017

There are still people on this world that fail to recognize the impact our dogs have on our lives. “It is just an animal,” they say. “Why do you care about it so much, it is not your child” they rant. These people probably have never had and will definitely never have a dog in their family! It is better that way.

The people who have owned a dog know how strong the bond can get and how deep it goes. They also know how hard it is to watch your loving companion grow old with age and eventually pass away. Whether it is from natural causes or due to illness, the gap they leave when they leave is too hard to bear.

This family had a beautiful Labradoodle named Abby. They’ve had her since she was a bundle of blond curls and they watched her grow up and be a loving, caring companion. But the years have passed and weighed heavy on the sweet pooch, so she passed away at barely twelve years old. Twelve years is a lot for a dog to live and she had a rich life.

But now, her owner Sam feels the emptiness she left behind, when it is time to walk their other three dogs and Abby’s leash is not on the hanger. The man tries to cope with the void the best way he can, but doesn’t seem to work.

First, he tries to hoist the family can into a harness and walk her on a leash, but the cat made it very clear that she will not be treated like a dog! When that plan failed, Sam did the only thing he got left. He took his daughter’s FurReal friend, GoGo, the walking pup for a walk.

It walks, wags its tail and barks almost like a real pup. But it still doesn’t make up for Abby’s absence.

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