Faith & Freedom: Ted Nugent, Pastor Lucas Miles, Tina Griffin, & Renita Brannan

1 month ago

Get ready to rock the new year as we say goodbye to 2023 with an incredible lineup this week! Rock 'n roll legend Ted Nugent talks music, 2023 highlights, and the importance of defending the Second Amendment. Pastor Lucas Miles offers insights on strengthening faith in the new year. Former Hollywood actress Tina Griffin discusses pop culture's impact and why she left Hollywood. Senior Presidential Director of LifeWave Renita Brannan shares the benefits of light therapy and how you can reverse the clock. Don't forget, today's the last day to sign up for my free masterclass to kickstart your New Year's resolution!

[4:28] Rock’N Roll and American Hunting Legend Ted Nugent discusses his love for music; the highlights of 2023, including tour and making enemies through truthfulness and celebration; calls from Marines, Air Force, Navy SEALs, and more; Shemane and Ted discuss how criticism can be sign of being on the right track; the importance of defending the Second Amendment; hunting, guns, and charity work

[13:09] Pastor Lucas Miles returns to discuss how we can strengthen faith in the new year; the importance of watering the seeds of faith in our hearts, rather than comparing ourselves to others; recommendations to avoid negative emotions and cultivate a spirit of generosity; Shemane shares how she's learned to deal with negative comments by focusing on God's opinion

[24:35] The Counter-Culture Mon and former actress Tina Griffin joins to share her experience in Hollywood and why she left; the impact of pop culture and media on the next generation; the enemy's agenda in pop culture and the importance of educating teens and parents about the issues of satanic symbolism, mind control, and child sacrifice; resources to help navigate; the need to prioritize personal well-being while continuing to help others

[36:24] Shemane welcomes Renita Brannan, Nutrition Coach and LifeWave Senior Presidential Director to highlight the benefits of light therapy as a hidden modality, including its ability to activate the body's own GHKcu peptide, which can lead to a younger, healthier state, with no injections, pills, or drugs; where you can purchase the x39 patches; how LiveWave can help you burn 30% more fat


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