Dave the Most Friendly Hairy Caterpillar!

jencrumpyPublished: December 15, 2017
Published: December 15, 2017

My Friend Dave the Very Hairy Friendly Caterpillar!

Something Very Strange happened to me today, I Was Doing some work in the garden when I noticed this Cute Hairy Caterpillar and to my amazement he seemed to be following me & Trying to get to me!

I was working out there for ages and he just seemed quite happy to stay right where I was working and follow me about, So I gave him a Name, "Dave" I called him Dave because in a way he reminded me of our old St Barnard Called Dave, because he was big hairy & Friendly too! :-D

I Wanted to pick him up but I was worried he might cause a reaction on my skin as some caterpillars can.

Did You know Caterpillar's could be So friendly because I certainly didn't!?

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