How to make sure your packages arrive on time for the holiday

WXYZ Published December 15, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble This week they announced that things were returning to normal, adding: “UPS customers can be confident UPS is taking the necessary steps to ensure the network operates with its customary dependable performance throughout the remainder of the holiday season.” It’s a reminder to all customers that shipping deadlines matter, and a number of the cheapest options have already passed. In the United States the USPS is still king — local spokeswoman Elizabeth Najduch noted that they’ll ship several billion pieces of mail between Thanksgiving and Christmas, that includes more than 850 million packages. Her advice: Do not guess at a zip code! It is a regular issue with last minute shipping, and it can delay a package from arriving on-time. Most post office locations have self-service kiosks, and whether a shipping center has one or not you can always receive help at the desk.