‘Monkey Man’ Feeds Hundreds Of Primates Every Day

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Published: December 16, 2017

A 79-year-old man has become famous in India after single-handedly feeding hundreds of monkeys every day. Self-proclaimed holy man, Shyam Sadhu has been feeding wild rhesus monkeys in the town of Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh for over 40 years. Shyam started feeding the monkeys in 1975 and his love for animals sees him helping cows, dogs, donkeys and any other animal he finds in need.

Monkeys are considered by devout Hindus to be the descendants of the Monkey God Hanuman. Large numbers of these apes have adapted to living in close quarters with the human in the northern parts of India, due to habitat destruction. People also adapted to this life and they learn to live with the mischief the monkeys are known to create.

Shyam has always felt a compassion for nature. He used to feed stray dogs with his lunch at school as a boy and now he collects unique plants and trees. His garden is impressive, what with all the fig, almond and kiwi trees. He also brings home any animal he finds injured on the street.

He says that everything began when he had fallen ill of bronchitis when he was a small boy. None of the medicine would help him. But after dreaming of a green monkey, he started feeding the monkey around and started getting better.

Not only did his interaction with the monkey improve his health, it also educated him a lot as well. “We have so many diseases. But these animals know how to cure themselves. They eat specific leaves and plants. Even I live on only a leafy diet as much as I can. I can assure you, if an obese patient comes to live with me and I provide him with this diet, he will be fit in two months,” he says.

Shyam’s neighbors don’t feel the same drive as he does, with some going to the extent of calling him a fraud. Many also believe that he only does this for the publicity, and not for hig genuine love of animals.

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