GFY #15 - House for Sale

4 months ago

Today I show you the house that my friend is selling to cover the medical bills. More info in this document.

I start my video with some good news, because somebody from the DASH community wrote a first response to my "Go Fuck Yourself" video series on the Hyperinflation video that I published yesterday. I also talk about the current protests that are happening in Serbia and explain to you why I believe politics is not the solution of our problems today. I am fighting a spiritual war based on my fundamental message that Your Children Live On (Yoshi Livo).

After the introduction I walk you through a beautiful house that I believe can be a good fundamental basis to develop my story further. I invite you all to become part of my reality and participate in the crowdfunding campaign I have started with help of the komodo platform.

I believe the offer I have created will benefit all parties involved. If you have more questions or want to come in contact, please write me on:

X: @infoliberland

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