Humanity Made These 10 Greatest Scientific Breakthroughs In 2017

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Published: December 16, 2017

When it comes to amazing discoveries, 2017 will be remembered as the year when what was once only science fiction became science fact.

The scientific community had a busy year in 2017. From the advancements in the cut-and-pasting of CRISPR genetic editing to being able to detect gravitational waves for the first time when stars collide, scientists cleared some major hurdles. And not just in the DeepMind, artificial intelligence sort of way.

The DeepMind division at Google explains their groundbreaking concept of keeping robots from rebelling against their human makers as a necessity that will be put to use as major advancements in technology and artificial intelligence continue. The scary part of this equation is that scientists have proven that robots can cheat and find unexpected workarounds to tasks and problems, but DeepMind is taking a basic real-world concept and applying it to computers: when a machine does what it is told, reward it. Robo-doggy shakes a paw? Give that dog a bone (or at least the AI equivalent).

Scientists are now able to edit your genetic code, thus opening up the possibility of eliminating genetic diseases, even possibly creating a new class of ‘super humans’. Soon, X-Men will not be just a bunch of characters wearing awesome costumes in comic books!

Elon Musk’s SpaceX program launched a recycled rocket into space, making space travel that much more affordable. Reusing a Falcon 9 rocket booster can save up to $18 million per launch!

In the attempt to provide clean drinking water to areas where water is sparse, scientist have developed a device that can literally pull water out of thin air!

Solid hydrogen, time crystals, lamb in a fake womb, oh my! Science has really been busy these past 365 days! Which one wowed you the most?

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