Here's Why Cat Owners Can't Decorate For Christmas

Published December 14, 2017 2,922 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensIt is the most magical time of the year - families far and wide whip out their trees, ornaments and fairy lights and create their own version of a fairy tale winter wonderland. Everything shines and glistens like it’s made of ice, bringing a sense of calm and beauty in people’s homes.

But, homes that include a four-legged family member don’t get to experience and calm Christmas hen the lights come up. If it twinkles or moves even with the slightest breeze, you can bet the shirt on your back that the family pet will take that thing down with one swift move of the paw.

Sometimes it is the dog that can ruin Christmas. If it doesn’t attack the ornaments, then it probably pees on the log; you better go and check. But most often it is cat owners that will probably never feel the true joy that are Christmas decorations ever again. Why? Because those adorable fur babies that we love to cuddle with and pet until our hands fall off can turn into vicious beasts on a mission to knock over every Christmas decoration in the world!

Here to demonstrate this very fact is Shorty the cat. No matter how simple or elaborate the ornaments that get placed in front of him are, Shorty will stop at nothing to have them knock on the ground, thrown aboard, obliterated!

No matter if it’s wooden or sparkly, small or large, this feline beast will dismiss every notion you have for the holiday, to the point of you running for cover with tear-filled eyes. “No, not the Nutcracker!”

Own a cat? Then you can probably relate to this! Check out what happens every single time an ornament is placed next to this kitty. Hilarious!