Deer Jump Off Overpass

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Published: December 14, 2017

Occurred on December 10, 2017 / Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

Info from Licensor: "My husband and I were driving on Hwy 30. While we were on the ramp, we saw a family of deer heading towards the ramp, so we stopped and let them cross. The deer started heading towards the bridge. We proceeded to take a left onto the bridge behind the deer keeping distance and going very slow. I thought they were going to keep going, but they acted really panicked and all of a sudden the male bolted to the right side of the bridge and jumped and the rest of the deer followed. It was very shocking to see and not at all what I expected to happen. Lucky, it didn't land on the highway below. Unfortunately, none of the deer made it. The DNR said that it's a possibility that with the new bridge being there, it confused the deer. It is a really popular deer crossing."

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