Cashier In LIDL Proves To Be The Fastest Cashier In Market History

Published December 14, 2017 318,565 Views $1,438.64 earned

Rumble / Unusual TalentsWe are all familiar with the long crowds in front of any market cash register. Long rows of people waiting to pay for their groceries can be very annoying for the customers, but for the cashiers as well. That is why this lady at LIDL market in Greece have decided to give it a try a new technique.

Apparently this video is filmed in some of Greece’s top tourist destinations where tons of people are waiting for their turn. Those who have been there know very well how exhausting these rows can be… Tourist want to enjoy every minute they have, laying under the sun and resting their heads while listening to the summer breeze. So that is why people decide to visit the local market at the last moment of its working hours, at dawn.

Although they create a big mess there, "customers come first". This means that the employees must stay longer at work, which they normally don’t like, so all the time they come up with some interesting ideas on how to solve this issue.

Check out how quickly this lady scans food items at the cashier. She just grabs the cans and the boxes of cereals, scans them and pushes them to the other side so that the customer can pick them up by himself and put them in his bags. Her work is just so impressive that some boys decided to film her and show it to the rest of the world.

She really proves that people are problem-solving machines using the speed of light. However, it's pretty easy when you don't have to bag the groceries!