How do you turn off reviews using Google customer service

fortuneserve Published December 14, 2017

Rumble Google is the most famous web index which is utilized by a huge number of users' over the world. It is utilized as a part of nearly in each telephone, android telephones, iphones to peruse anything from the web. As indicated by Google there are around a large number of users who are utilizing Google for various purposes like email and numerous others.

As Reviews from your users can give profitable input to the business, and answering to respond can help build users' trust as well. A review is very important for both the customer as well as for the business owner, but often it happens that some users or competitors put some bad or wrong review about the business. So to control such reviews as well Google have the options. You can easily turn off the Google Review for this you need to follow some steps like-

If you are using Desktop go through these steps-

· Sign in to Google My Business. On the off chance that you have at least two areas, click Manage area for the area you'd jump at the chance to oversee.
· Snap Reviews from the menu.
· Snap Respond to react to a customer review.
· Compose a response and snap Submit.

If you are using mobile go through these steps-

· Open the Google My Business application.
· Tap the menu Three dash menu, at that point tap Reviews.
· Discover the survey you'd get a kick out of the chance to signal, tap the three spot Menu then tap Flag review.

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