Jack Russell Pups Can't Figure Out If They Can Trust This Huge Robotic Spider

Published December 14, 2017 609,546 Views $133.13 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHairy legs? Check. 8, not 6, not 4 legs? Double check. Creepy looking eyes that seem like they’re staring right through to your soul? Also check. Scares the living daylights out of you? Hella check. These are the reactions people have when they say that have this intense fear of those 8-legged creepers.

Arachnophobia is a serious and one of the most widespread phobias on this planet and you can blame it all on our ancestors’ survival instincts. True, not all spiders are venomous, but our forefathers knew better than to tread in areas populated by these bug.

It would seem that humans aren’t the only creatures on Earth that suffer from the crippling fear of spiders; Jack Russell pups feel it too! Previously, we have seen Sparky, the 8-week-old Jack Russell Terrierwho comes face to face with a very large remote controlled spider. The big, red, fluffy spider is taunting poor little Sparky, so he does what he knows best: he barks at the top of his lungs , hoping to scare the creepy crawler away. At first he is cautious and inspects the spider, but soon he gathers his courage and picks it up by the leg in a show of victory!

Are you curious to find out what 10 of these adorable little pups can do to a toy like this one? Then look no further, because we have just the thing! A little 10 Jack Russell Terrier puppies meet their match as a remote controlled spider enters their territory. Will they prevail? Just watch!