Couple Surprised Everybody With This Year’s Unconventional Christmas Tree

Published December 13, 2017 54,931 Views

Rumble / Creative VisualsWe are all used to the traditional green Christmas trees. Some of us use fake plastic green trees, while others shop for real natural trees from the woods. And there is the third group of people that want to create unconventional trees using recycling materials.

This married couple makes different tree every December. This year they decided to use an old tire and cut up lots of PVC pipes, to paint them white and create the tree shape.

"My husband and I make an unconventional tree every December. This year we used an old tire painted white and cut up 40 ft of PVC pipe to create the tree shape. A plastic bucket from Home Depot was thrown in to add another large circular shape. After securing each piece with hot glue we used gold painted accents, ornaments, and fairy lights for decorations. Enjoy!"

The first few seconds of the video you see them preparing the materials for their Christmas project and start wondering "What the heck are these two trying to do?" But, as the video rolls to its end, you get to capture their initial idea and seconds later, their final product: a gorgeous white Christmas tree standing close to the fireplace. With all the decorations they have put on it, the sparkling metal hanging from the ceiling and the small LED lights, this tree looks way better than the ones we are used to see.

Good job you guys. Hope you continue this tradition of making a different tree every year… Merry Christmas!