Watch How These Bambino Kittens Engage In Cute Wrestling Match

daniellamurPublished: December 13, 2017Updated: December 14, 20171,881 views
Published: December 13, 2017Updated: December 14, 2017

When we first see kittens, our hearts melt. They are so cute, tiny and fluffy. All you want to do is to take them in your hands and cuddle them. But, most probably this will not be the case with this two small kittens, when get to see and meet them.

The two small cats in this video belong to the Bambino breed which was created as a cross between the Sphynx and the Munchkin breeds. This breed has short legs that is inherited from the Munchkin, and huge upright ears. Their hairlessness comes as a result of their Sphynx genes, and this is also true for their white-pink skin. With no fur to absorb the cat's natural oils, the Bambino needs regular bathing with water and mild soap. The Bambino's hairless skin means that the cats are vulnerable to cold, strong sunshine and skin injury.

This two fellas have wrinkled hairless appearance and short legs and they look like a pair of old friends seeing each other after a long time. So, having a small adorable fight seems like a good way of remembering the good old days. Cats of this species are friendly, intelligent and affectionate. They love to be petted and cuddled up on the laps of their family members. Having this fact in mind, the two little “Gremlin” kittens are more likely playing.

A few bites won’t be problem, however they might be considered as a sign of immense and endless love.

Seeing these two involved in some adorable playtime together, beside their looks, somehow seems cute!

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