Baby Girl Gets Terrified Of Mechanical Dancing Santa

Henleesmom94Published: December 13, 2017Updated: December 14, 20171,657 views
Published: December 13, 2017Updated: December 14, 2017

We all go out for some shopping during Christmas time. However, we need to buy lots of gifts for our family and friends. They, same as us, are expecting to find something interesting under the Christmas tree when they wake up the next morning.

This girl and her mommy in this video decided to visit to the local supermarket, to buy some groceries and prepare a delicious meal. The cute little girl is all dressed up, with a big fluffy white bow on ther small head and she is firmly holding Peppa Pig in her tiny hands. This can be an interesting experience for a little girl, so her mom sets the camera to film her during her walk between the store shelves.

As they move around with their shopping cart, they approach to one very scary robot, Santa. He is dancing and moving his iron body to a Christmas song tunes. Obviously, the mom didn’t expect the girl will start crying and screaming like some serial killer is chasing her, so she takes the shopping cart closer to this merry fat guy that’s waving his hands.

The frightened girl starts kicking her legs and looking for her momma. The lady is trying to calm her young daughter down, but nothing seems to help.

"It’s just Santa" says her mom.

However, when you are a little girl and you see a white-bearded men dressed in a red costume that suddenly starts waving in every direction, you don’t have time to think and realize that it’s Santa. You do the first thing you know best - cry! In her defense, it's a pretty creepy machine! Who can blame her?!

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