Guy Demonstrates His Incredibly Flexible Earlobes

ViralVideoUKPublished: December 13, 2017Updated: December 17, 2017175 views
Published: December 13, 2017Updated: December 17, 2017

Back in school we were taught that there are two types of earlobes - free and attached. Recent research has determined that there are more than just two “types” of earlobes and apparently, this is one! Just kidding, but it is still very neat to see.

We have done this many a times during those boring classes. Stroking, pinching and twisting our ears gave us a weird sense of calm; there are instances where even babies can be seen sucking on their thumbs and stroking their lobes. But why are some earlobes more flexible than others? How come some barely bend, while others can literally be tucked in on themselves?

Unlike most of our body, our earlobes, as well as the tips of our noses, are not made of bone, but of cartilage. It is a firm, yet flexible tissue, but unlike our noses, ears are made of what is called “elastic cartilage”, meaning that it is made out of substances that provide it’s enormous flexibility.

Cartilage is one of the types of connective tissue in your body. It consists of cells called chondrocytes mixed with collagen and sometimes elastin fibers meshed into a matrix. It's softer and more flexible than bone.

There are three different types of cartilage in your body: hyaline cartilage, elastic cartilage, and fibrocartilage. Elastic cartilage contains elastin fibers, making it more flexible than other types of cartilage. However, it is genetics that plays a crucial role into the degree you can fold your ears.

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