This Family Created A Christmas Wonderland Inside Their Home

ChanksPublished: December 12, 2017Updated: December 13, 20171,631 views
Published: December 12, 2017Updated: December 13, 2017

Having the most beautiful yard during Christmas is a lot of people’s dream. If some of your neighbors congratulates you on how your front yard decorations look amazing, that means that you have done a good job. But, why decorate your front door and windows when you can invest your "treasure" and create a little Christmas paradise all for yourself?

This family brought Christmas decorations to a whole new level! They’ve chosen to go with less lights outside this year and instead created this "Christmas Room". It's an indoor winter wonderland!

As the video starts you think that the guy filming is approaching a Christmas poster, but soon you realize that what you see in front of you is an actual room full of Christmas trees, lights and all kinds of decorations. The tunes of Dean Martin’s song "Have yourself a merry little Christmas" echo all over the room.

Tons of small LED lights hang from the ceiling, creating the feeling that you are standing under the stars. The whole room looks like some hidden place in the park and you are standing right in the middle of it. Stepping on a snowy path, a lamp-post lights up your way, leading you somewhere unknown. The North Pole Express mailbox is waiting to be filled with letters addressed to Santa, while the presents are waiting under the tree to be opened on Christmas morning.

Watching this video will make Christmas better! What a Christmas spirit this family has…

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