Ancient Mystery Cults, Gnosticism and Cybernetics: Mapping the Mental Battlefield

5 months ago

In this discussion on Rounding the Earth, Mathew Crawford and Matt Ehret discuss the contours shaping world history from a top down systems approach reviewing today's structure of power, synthetic cults and occultism as the product of a historical evolution from the ancient mystery cults of Rome, Babylon, Greece, Egypt and Persia, through the gnostic Christian movement, and its various incarnations through the centuries (leading from Mithraic, Gaia/Cybele cults, through Benedictine orders, Templars, Franciscans, Dominicans, Jesuits, and onward to the modern age of Theosophical sects (and sub-sects) interfacing with such imperial organizations like the Milner Round Table and Fabian Societies. Evidence of various misinformation agents infused within the so-called "truth movement" is also explored at some length.

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