10-Nation Coalilition to fight Houthi's, Hezbollah attacks ramp up, Erdogan open new attacks Kurds!

6 months ago

Middle East Update: 12/20/2023

US announces 10-nation coalition to combat Huthi attacks in Red Sea.

IAF launches preemptive strike on Hezbollah sites.

Netanyahu says Israel is as 'committed as ever' to war after soldiers mistakenly killed 3 hostages.

North saw heaviest missile barrage since start of war: Israeli media.
Israeli media highlight that on Tuesday, the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon launched 18 missiles toward "Kiryat Shmona" and towns in the Upper al-Jalil.

Erdoğan condemns 'global inaction over Gaza massacre'.

Turkey says its warplanes have hit suspected Kurdish militant targets in northern Iraq.
ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkish warplanes carried out new airstrikes Wednesday against Kurdish militant targets in neighboring Iraq, the Turkish defense ministry said, a day after Turkish and Iraqi officials held high-level security talks in Ankara.

High-level Iraqi delegation in Ankara for security, intelligence talks.

Another senior Hamas financier acquired citizenship in Turkey courtesy of Erdogan gov’t.

Erdoğan discusses Gaza cease-fire with Egypt's el-Sissi.

Pope approves blessings for same-sex couples that must not resemble marriage.

Right now, all eyes are on the new COVID variant JN.1, a heavily mutated new strain that has swept the United States in recent weeks. And with the country yet to hit peak respiratory virus season, you can expect to see more cases of the new variant in the coming weeks.
JN.1 is now the fastest-growing variant in the country, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It currently accounts for more than one-fifth of all infections in the U.S.
The HV.1 subvariant is still the dominant strain right now — but JN.1 is not far behind.

Date to watch as we move forward -

Sept. 18 - Oct. 9, 2023 - ramp up of attacks on both Israel on Hamas and Turkey on Kurds.
Oct. 7, 2023 - an attack by Hamas on Israel.
Oct. 9, 2023 - a counter attack and start of invasion into Gaza by Israel.
Oct. 31, 2023 - Yeman Houthis enter the Israel-Gaza conflict.
Nov. 3, 2023 - Hezbollah gives enter the Israel-Gaza conflict.
Nov. 5, 2023 - an attack on Turkey from the Kurds-Medes in Syria or a possible invasion from Turkey against the Kurds-Medes into Syria.
Dec. 22, 2023 - 10 Tevet - A siege on Jerusalem by proxies of Iran (Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthi's, Iraq, Syria).

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