CNN Acosta Now Claims WH Trying to Suppress Free Speech

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Published: December 12, 2017

"Well, it’s another day at the White House, Brooke. I think what came up during this briefing was a pretty clear example of what the White House wants to do when it comes to the free press in this country. Every time there is a mistake, an honest mistake, it seems that this White House, this president wants to weaponize it and use it as a way to go after news outlets in this country. You take a look at what was brought up just before that line of questioning that I had with Sarah Sanders. Somebody was asking about a tweet about crowd sizes that came from a 'Washington Post' reporter that the President tweeted over the weekend, that is what started that whole exchange because my sense of it was that the reporter with 'The Washington Post,' Dave Weigel, when he put out that tweet of the crowd size, that was not an intentional attack on the President as a way to mislead the American people. That was simply a bad tweet and he deleted it and he apologized for it over the weekend. You know, the President has gone after this news outlet, he’s gone after other news outlets after mistake are made. And, Brooke, we are journalists and we are human beings. We are going to make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean that, you know, you throw people overboard every time a mistake is made with a news outlet."

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