Manufacturing MADNESS - A Gary Null Production

7 months ago

The History of Psychiatry & Big Pharma, From Bleeding, Electroconvulsive Therapy, Asylums, Freud, Chemical Lobotomies & More.

In an honest ride through the history of psychiatry, from blood letting, induced epilepsy, electroshock therapy, lobotomies and other discarded "cures", to the latest "preferred" drugs of the day. Manufacturing Madness takes a deep look into the snake pit.

Who is insane, what causes mental illness and how should it be treated? Why are approximately 22 US veterans committing suicide each day? Why has the number of disabled mentally ill in the United States tripled in the last two decades? Why have hundreds of thousands of people have died, as a result of using pharmaceutical drugs.

Manufacturing Madness looks at the moral implications of the medical industrial complex, the pharmaceutical industry, drug reps, medical schools, the journals, the media, the absence of real medical science, and the lack of oversight by our captured regulatory agencies, private insurance firms and lobbying influence upon our corrupted legislators.

Medicine is becoming problematic, as it claims undisputed control over the lives of the people of this world. Is psychiatry the new religion, as it seeks absolute compliance and decision-making power, over our bodies and souls?

Manufacturing Madness should be required viewing for anyone who has used, is using or considering psychiatric medicine.

The film features many of the world's most vital voices concerning the actions and practices of psychotherapy: Peter Berrigen; PhD, Peter Gotzsche; Col. Bart Billings, PhD; Kelly Brogan, MD; Ken Castleman, PhD; Jim Gottstein, Esq.; Henry Grayson, PhD; Patrick Hahn, PhD; Andrew Harvey; Robert F. Kennedy Jr.; JD, Mario Martinez, PhD; Toby Watson Run Time: 2 Hrs 5 mins

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