Groom Can't Hold Tears When He Hears Bride Singing

Published December 12, 2017 323,326 Views

Rumble / Memorable WeddingsFinding your best friend, finding your soul with whom you are going to share the rest of your life could be a real challenge. You might even end up making several mistakes until you find THE ONE. For better or for worse, you will be there one for another. There are going to be lots of rises and falls, but at the end of the day all that remains important is that you have each other. You will make each other laugh and let each other cry, you will listen to each other when you lose your mind and you will get to grow by each others side.

Nobody expected this bride to come up with such a touching toast. She grabs her guitar and starts singing to her newly husband.

"Even though I make mistakes, I know I’m ready. I found a heart that was just like mine… It’s a kind of love that can make you fly and I would do anything to see him smile…"

The groom holds back his tears as he listens to the cover of Emily Hearn's song "Found a Heart". His lovely wife has prepared it as part of her toast.

Everyone present are touched by the bride’s angelic voice. It is enchanting, it catches your attention, it is so relaxing. Now, this is a toast!

And at the end of this video this touching moment gets interrupted by technical problems… Enough crying, people! It’s time to dance and celebrate this cute couple's wedding. Everybody on their feet!

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