Take A Look At The Amazing Stunts The Unicycle World Champion Has To Offer

Published December 12, 2017 87 Plays

Rumble Performing daring front flips and a range of gravity defying tricks on unicycle, Max Schulze demonstrates the skills that have made him several times world champion.

Now 23, max started in the sport age 13 when he and his brother bought their father a unicycle for Father’s Day in 2005. The present rested in some corner of the garage until Max tried it out and ended up using it himself. He got hooked. Schulze’s evolution from being a total beginner to competing in national and international events felt gradual and organic to him. But in retrospect it also took place surprisingly fast. Constantly pushing the boundaries of what a unicycle can do, in urban areas and off road, Max is famous for his front flips and incredible online videos.

“My main competitive unicycling event is ‘trials,’” Schulze explains, “which requires riders to navigate technically challenging obstacle courses.”

Having only one wheel and no breaks, there is no obstacle for him pulling out the kinds of tricks you expect to see on a skateboard or a BMX. He has redefined what was possible and imaginable on a unicycle. His hard work, creativity and devotion to the sport have brought him the title unicycle world champion, three times: in Zealand in 2010, Italy in 2012 and Canada in 2014.

After an 8-year career, these days Max combines unicycle riding, highline slacklining, biketrials, climbing, skiing – and pursuit of a Ph.D. in Chemistry. He might be giving the floor to the next generation of riders, but we have the feeling that we will be seeing a lot more from him.