Kitten’s nose is swelled up – now watch when the vet realizes the terrible truth

ivan11111 Published December 12, 2017 11,777 Plays

Rumble One day, pet owner from Nebraska saw that their beloved kitten’s nose had greatly swollen up. They were instantly alarmed.

Their little kitten clearly did not feel great – so they did what any responsible pet owners would do, and took her to the vet

When I read this story, I immediately knew I wanted to share it to bring attention to the fact that one must always seek medical attention when one’s pet appears to be sick.

The poor animal clearly did not look so good – its swollen up red nose understandably stunned the vet when the owners brought their kitten in for examination.

The medical team promptly examined the kitten, and soon delivered shocking news to the family: a cuterebra, a kind of parasite, had climbed into the kitten’s nose!