Trump Admin Insider Exposes EVERY LEVEL of the Deep State | Ep 323

4 months ago

Our founding fathers designed this country with checks and balances. They hated tyrannical government so much that they created a system that put each branch directly at odds with each other. They even made the president the weakest head of state. Well, that was so 247 years ago. Today, the United States federal bureaucracy has grown into a monster where the Deep State lives practically unimpeded. It’s where decisions are made to throw Catholics in jail, send the IRS to audit political enemies of Democrats, or use federal agents to raid the private home of former President Trump. Was it part of his punishment for trying to expose a nameless, faceless, sinister level of government? Glenn interviews Kash Patel, author of “Government Gangsters” and one of President Trump’s closest advisers. As principal deputy to the acting director of national intelligence, he oversaw the operations of all 17 intelligence community agencies. He also worked with the National Security Council, the secretary of defense, and the Department of Justice. And he spearheaded the investigation into Russia’s campaign to influence the 2016 election — meaning he knows what was REALLY Russian disinformation and what was the Deep State and the Clinton campaign’s meddling. He saw the Deep State firsthand, fought it, and he’s naming names. And it’s all going up on Glenn’s chalkboard …

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