Pioneers of The Great Awakening Series - Session 15: Jesse Chesnutt

6 months ago

Planet 🌎 Homemaking Podcast - The Pioneer Series are conversations with Individuals who've been through their Dark Night of the Soul, found their own Healing and are now dedicated to sharing their Unique Self-Expression to help create a Real Home World.

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Session 15:
Jesse Chesnutt

Jesse is a seeker and modern mystic, exploring hidden connections between many fields of perception and study. Jesse is a Gene Keys Guide and works on the Media and Guides teams for Gene Keys Ltd. He creates content for the Gene Keys Pulse Newsletter and social media channels, and acts as liaison to the Guides community. He hosts two rooms for Gene Keys on Clubhouse, Gene Keys & Parenting, and the Weekly Pulse. He is also on the board of directors of The Majesty Foundation, a charity using an embodiment of the Gene Keys approach to advance mental health through storytelling, art and healing trauma. Jesse's expression and understanding of the Gene Keys has grown out of 24 years of study of the iChing, transpersonal psychology, and sacred geometry.

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