Silly Cat Has A Really Funny Way Of Telling Her Owner She's Tired

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Let’s be real, cats are weird. Sure, they are the lovely, fluffy balls of sass that we adore, but deep inside, our feline furbabies are probably just a robot run by a bunch of minuscule aliens. How else would you explain their erratic behavior and constant mood changes?

Besides being weird little buggers, cats are also natural-born manipulators. Their innate ability to observe and learn keeps them safe, but also with well-fed tummies, ultimately making them the ruler of their house. Do you think it is your home? Think again!

If a cat figures out that some specific behavior will make her owner go “aww” and bend to her every will and whim, she will stop at nothing to achieve it, even if that means she will look like a fool. Take this cat, for example.

According to her owner, this silly cat is able to tell him she’s tired by sitting up on her back legs and begging with her front paws. The cat looks ridiculous, but it gets her what she wants, and that is to be taken to her bed like a queen and probably covered with a warm, fluffy blanket to stay nice and cozy.

No cat in the history of cats was born with this knowledge. She looks the human dead in the eye and does this weird gesture over and over until he can no longer watch his pet behave like a looney toon. Watch and learn folks, this is how you get your way!

There aren’t enough words in the vocabulary to describe a cat. On the one hand, they are adorable balls of fluff, able to express incredible amounts of love from such tiny creatures. But, on the other hand, they can be manipulative, little creatures that will do everything to do things their way! Just like this small fluff ball, when she is tired she will find a way to express that and tell you that she wants to sleep! So adorable!

Speaking of silly cats, take a look at this sweet yet silly cat that really likes to munch on some juicy strawberries and it’s beyond adorable!

Just look at how the face of this cat changes when she voraciously eats the strawberry: notice her look- big eyes, ears forward, tail up - the look of the curious feline. It is quite cute how she ravenously licks this delicious berry from the owner’s hand.

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