Toddler Eats Himself To Sleep With The Help Of Fast Food

Published December 11, 2017 502 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsAfter stuffing his tummy with too much food this little boy slipped into a massive food coma in his high chair, surrendering to food digestion. We have all enjoyed a delicious meal only to nod off in a comfy chair, having trouble breathing. So what is it about food that can make us so sleepy?

When we’re eating, the stomach is producing gastrin, a hormone that promotes the secretion of digestive juices. As the food enters the small intestine, the cells in the gut secrete even more hormones that signal other bodily functions, including blood flow regulation. So, when we’re digesting our meal, more of our blood is shunted to the stomach and gut, to transport away the absorbed newly digested metabolites. This leaves less blood for the rest of the body and can cause some people to feel a bit 'light-headed' or tired. Still, the body is a lot more sophisticated than that as it doesn’t respond to food volume alone. What you eat is just as important as the size of your meal! Remember that!

A third of our children are overweight or obese by the time they reach 11 and most of us now know that obesity can lead to major health problems, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes in later life, followed by low self-esteem. Sugar is one of the biggest health issues for kids, with 11 to 18-year-olds eating an average of 74g of sugar a day which is more than 18 teaspoons, one research revealed.

This not only contributes to tooth decay, but also means children are eating a load of empty calories that can widen waistlines and increase their risk of developing diabetes. But it’s not just the white stuff, many of the processed foods aimed at kids are high in fat, refined carbs and calories, and guidelines surrounding the manufacture and advertising of these foods will remain voluntary under the new obesity plan.

Watch as this adorable chubby toddler dozes off in his high chair after eating too much food. This kid is not a quitter and he decided to finish his entire meal to the crumbs!