Excited Dachshund Opens Presents On Christmas Morning

Gracie841 Published December 11, 2017 19,400 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesGracie was so excited to realize that Christmas morning has come when she saw her gifts under the tree. She couldn’t contain her excitement and couldn’t decide which one of the wrapped presents to open first! Just like a little kid on a sugar rush, she had a blast opening the presents all by herself!

Every Christmas, Gracie runs to the tree and unwraps her presents with excitement. Who says dogs don't also love Christmas? Dogs are family and including them in the Christmas celebration is so much fun. It is adorable to watch Gracie struggling to open her many gifts. Watch as this excited puppy rips apart the wrapping paper in order to get to her gifts. Adorable!

Christmas morning means that it is officially time to open presents! However, it’s not just humans who get thrilled. Your dog is a part of the family and also loves receiving presents. A dog opening up her Christmas presents is the definition of cute. Watch how Gracie reacts to find out that Santa has brought many Christmas presents for her.

This adorable dachshund can’t stop wagging her tail, jumping and snooping around the gifts. This dog acts like children on Christmas Eve who can’t sleep because they are so excited to open their presents. It is adorable to watch Gracie how anxiously she opens her presents!

Trouble struggles to remove the tight wrapping, but she uses her teeth and paws to get underneath the paper. She cannot contain her happiness and goes from one present to another, overwhelmed with joy!