Little Girl Has A Tearful Reaction To A Repeating Toy Hamster

Published December 11, 2017 15,718,084 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsChildren can have some extremely weird feelings of fear. They usually fear loud noises, the dark, weird-looking monsters lurking under the bed, strangers coming into the house, big dogs or just some imaginary things. The list is as long and as versatile as there are children in this world. However, these fears are just a natural part of a childhood. The girl in this video, for example, gets visibly shaken by her new toy - a talking hamster!

The cute talking hamster plush toy is back and loves to repeat what you say but in his own cute hamster voice!! However, not everybody loves this toy, especially really small kids! This adorable girl was freaked out by the evil repeating toy hamster! The hamster is repeating every sound the girl makes! This cute tot thought that this sound that the master makes is so scary that every time she cries harder and harder! Poor little girl!

Talk to your furry stuffed animal toy and it will repeat whatever you say. The Interactive Talking Hamster has been designed to entertain children with its advanced features. Its purpose is to make children test the toy's capabilities and at the same time motivate them to speak and develop their vocabulary. Ingenius, right? Well, it seems not so much for this particular little tot! But, don't you worry, after 5 minutes when she figured out what this toy does she was laughing!

Fear of open spaces, loud noises, busy crowds, fanciful beasts, unknown people showing up the door, or even fluffy domestic pets are e normal part of growing up. Be that as it may, while encountering fear is upsetting to kids and adults alike, it ought not to be limited. A piece of typical advancement, being apprehensive is an indication that she's picking up the consciousness of the world and endeavoring to comprehend it.

Parents should know that babies fear from loud noises, so it is no secret that this girl got scared of this hamster! It was a good thing that in the end, she realized that it was her own voice and she started laughing!

Fear is a completely normal and important part of anyone's development, especially at a young age. It's that internal alarm that goes off whenever we sense potential danger and feel the need to protect ourselves. Fear is the reason our entire species managed to survive so long on this planet. And, if you put yourself in the shoes of this little girl, seeing a talking hamster for the first time in your life does seem at least a bit intimidating!

Every kid has a different fear of something! Some kids have a colorful imagination and it comes quite naturally for them to make up some totally impossible situations and create unreasonable fears! Like this funny kid! This kid gets scared of turning into a zombie! Kids can be hilarious at times, aren’t they? What were your fears when you were a kid? Share your story with us in the comment section below.