‘Twerk’ the kitten’s video goes viral and she finds a home

HappyCats Published December 11, 2017 68 Plays

Rumble In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, “Twerk” the kitten has garnered internet fame with a video that has gone viral. And yes, Twerk is a very special kitten, besides being adorable and playful as most kittens get to be. This little gal, however is unique, and although she wasn’t born perfect, who really cares?
The three-month old kitten was brought to the East End shelter of the Humane Animal Rescue earlier in July because her previous owner was moving.

According to the shelter, the mini kitty suffers from Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a neurological disorder that results in involuntary movements and shakes. So what? Twerk seems to be quite the dancer, and her disability doesn’t seem to bother her at all – purring, dancing and being generally a happy kitty.