Driver Steals Her Parking Spot, Then She Corners Him To A Dead End Situation

Published December 10, 2017 4,046,510 Plays

Rumble If you haven’t been in this situation before, we envy you, because getting your parking spot stolen literally from under your very nose can be annoying at best. One woman had a taste of what some people are capable of doing in the parking lot. We salute her reaction over it!

The woman can be see driving her red convertible Peugeot around a very busy parking lot somewhere in China. She passes along an empty parking spot and decided to rear into it, since it is much easier to get out of it later.

She lines up and starts turning her car to park in the spot, when all of the sudden, a smaller car just sips in the spot. Mind you, the second car doesn’t take the whole spot; that driver just glides into the spot, leaving just enough space for the second car. If that car didn’t need to open any doors, that is. Haven’t thought this through, have they!

What’s the point of parking somewhere if you can’t open your door to get out? We can only imagine what the woman in the convertible was thinking about. Slashing their tires? Keying the hood? If we were on her spot, we probably would have gotten physical with this intruder. But not this woman. She taught this reckless driver a valuable lesson that he could never forget!

Instead of cursing and driving off, the resourceful reverser utilizes her car’s features to take the upper hand! She reverses anyway, sliding into what is left of the parking space with surprising ease and then does something that no one expected. She lowers the car’s roof and gets out of the car, leaving the driver who stole her place stuck between two vehicles, unable to get out! Bam!

This is what you get when you show how much you have been paying attention in class about manners and common courtesy! The lady in the red convertible Peugeot was waiting patiently to find a parking spot, when another tiny car zoomed right it and took the spot instead!

Pissed off, but thinking rationally, the driver of the red convertible seems to be parking right next to the car who sneaked into the parking spot, as if to box him in. Then she gets out, after having lowered the roof, and nonchalantly shakes the unfortunate situation off, by walking away with dignity! Do you think this will teach him a lesson?

That driver did what most of us who have found ourselves in a similar situation have wanted to do! She was quick to act, didn’t panic or argue, she simply used physics to outsmart him. We think we have found out new hero!

It looks like there were plenty of other available parking spot on that lot, but this isn't just about finding a spot anymore. This should be a lesson! Thankfully, onlookers caught the whole thing on tape, otherwise we never would have believed our ears if someone tried to retell us this as an anecdote!

Some viewers question the authenticity of the footage, others the legality. We will never find out what the driver of the tiny white car did when he was unable to get out of the vehicle! What do you think happened to the other driver? We really don’t care to know.

Credit to 'Cheng Deng'.


  • WaltDittrich, 2 years ago

    Reading the article, I was going to say it's her own fault for losing the space: She should never have tried to back up into the space. Watching the video, however, she was already in progress moving into the space, and the white car DID steal it. What damage is that white car going to cause now, backing out of the space? By the way, where are her shoes?! And, who's filming this video and why?! Is it a drone? Is it staged?

    1 rumble
    • alexburns, 2 years ago

      It's clearly set up the fact the white car drives in and moves as far over to the right side as he can leaving more than enough room for the red car, and the fact someone is filming it all suggests its someone trying to become viral with a set up video 😊🤔

      1 rumble