Couple Waits 4 Years To Become Parents, Then They Finally Meet Their Baby Boy

6 years ago

Kids are blessing from God. Not being able to have one on your own can tear your heart apart. Still your immense love for children does not fade away. This sorrow can easily turn into tender loving care you can give to kids that need it the most. Thousands of children around the world are being born and left alone, seeking for home and mother love. Fortunately, some of them manage to find a comfortable and warm home and get to grow up surrounded with the people they love.

The happiness that sparkles in this couple’s eyes is proof of how becoming a parent can complete a person’s life and bring light to their days. They have been waiting for four years to become parents. Since that much time has passed, they even stopped hoping that someday they will receive the phone call they have been waiting for so long. Then, one ordinary day in February, they received a call with the three most wonderful words they have ever heard: "It's a boy!" They could not believe their ears.

Wanting to assure themselves that what they heard is not just a beautiful dream, but a reality, they rushed to the hospital. There, a tiny baby was waiting for them, wrapped in a blanket. Seeing his full head of dark hair and his tiny hands brought his new parents to tears. They named him Zeke, short for Ezekiel. He gave them a little wink, as a sign that he likes his name.

“He is perfect.... He is so cute, he has so much hair.” said the mom, while holding her newborn son in her arms and still not believing what is happening.

The nurse that was filming this touching moment decided to leave them alone so that they can have some space and time to get to know each other better. Hopefully this little guy will grow into a happy and healthy boy, surrounded by his loving family.

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