Flying Through A Sunset Storm Is One Glorious Experience

Published December 10, 2017 214 Plays $0.73 earned

Rumble Sitting through a lightning storm is not a fun activity. The thick clouds stop us from catching those rays of sunshine that we oh-so-desperately need in the cold months. The lack of sun gives us the blues and those thunderbolts don’t help out either.

Have you ever wondered what that dreary storm must look like from above the clouds? The sun is always shining up there, so if you ever get to fly above a lightning storm, then this is what you might see.

This amazing footage of a lightning storm at sunset was captured by a mine worker from the airplane that was taking him home. The miners were traveling back from a remote mine site in the Northern Territory of Australia just in time before Cyclone Debbie was due to hit land in north Queensland. As the massive storm began to brew on March 27, the pilot diverted the plane around it.

The thin could provided the extra prism effect, as all those microscopic water particles diffused the sunlight into all the colors of the visual spectrum. What a sight!

The passengers were treated to this amazing view of lightning striking through the clouds during an amazing sunset storm. Lightning storms can be spectacular enough to watch from the ground but from above the clouds they are even more remarkable. After navigating around the storm the plane made it to its destination slightly late but safe and sound with the added bonus of a free light show.