This Is What Facebook Would Have Looked Like If It Were A Human

thejasonhortonPublished: December 8, 2017Updated: December 11, 20171,665 views
Published: December 8, 2017Updated: December 11, 2017

Facebook is the social medium where millions of people spend their free and not-so-free time. There is so much that people share on there, not everything is fun or worthy of attention. Still, it seems some of the Facebook users do not understand that people don’t really want to know what they are doing at the moment, or how many coffees they have drank, or what kind of food has just been served in front of them.

Have you ever wondered what would it look like if you got to say aloud the exact same thing you write as your Facebook status every day? This sarcastic video shows just how would it look like if you said everything you did on Facebook out loud.

One guy plays the “audience”, i.e. all of your active Facebook friends. Across from him, we get to see every possible annoying Facebook user out there. One girl tells him how she and her husband met each other 10 years ago. Another guy is trying to convince his high school friend to come over to his party that is 2,000 miles apart from his home. The best part is that he convinces his friend that there is nothing to lose, except for 1,000 dollars.

The rest are nothing different - asking Facebook for travel advice, whining about the guy that broke your heart, bragging how you wiped your Facebook friends list clean and you are grateful that that guy you only see at work is still your FB buddy...not to mention all those misused hashtags!

So people, have this video in mind when you post something on Facebook or any other social media. You might get your friends bored with all the insignificant things that you are sharing in order to fill your free time…

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