Dan Perkins and his New Book, Sad Eyes - Moms Across America

4 months ago

This week, the moms chat with author, Dan Perkins on his new book Sad Eyes. SAD EYES: 1912 TO 1939 is the story of a woman, Mary Ellen Murphy, from Waterloo, Iowa, and her contribution to the United States and beyond as an Army nurse in World War II, helping save tens of thousands of soldiers' lives. Her assistance to military leadership throughout her journey proves crucial in the outcome of the war. Mary Ellen combines great physical presence, incredible talent, and intelligence and remains committed to her values. She is constantly being challenged with more opportunities to serve her country and prove to others what women can do when given the chance. Join this red-haired and green-eyed Irish lass who is as smart as she is beautiful on her adventure during World War II and its aftermath. Find it at DanPerkinsMedia.org or JanCarolPublishing.com.

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