This Is What You Can Do Too, Only With A Bit Of Willpower

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Published: December 7, 2017

Jia Haixia was born blind in one eye and lost his other eye in an accident. Jia Wenqi lost both of his arms when he was just three years of age. Not only are these two people best friends, they also make a very powerful team. Working together, Wenqui and Haixia have planted 10,000 trees in the last ten years.

When their village in northeastern China kept flooding, it was time to act. They leased eight acres from the government and began reforesting the barren land. Trees will revive the surrounding area and protect their village from flooding. Starting at seven in the morning, they head to the same place for 13 years. Carrying a hammer and a metal rod, they do their best to move around their innumerous obstacles. Unable to afford saplings, Haixia climbs healthy trees to get the best cuttings. He then digs holes to plant the new trees, while Wenqui waters and cares for them.

News of the unexpected power couple went viral in China, and it seems that their hard work is about to be rewarded. A generous benefactor has offered to pay for Haixia to receive corrective eye surgery. Donors created a pension fund for Haixia and Wenqi, enabling them to continue their mission.

These two disabled men act as one another’s arms and eyes, helping not only each other and their community, they are helping China and the world.

Imagine what you can do, with just a bit of willpower!

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