Footage Shows The Damages Left Behind By Tornado In South Carolina Business

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Published: December 7, 2017

A storm ravaged the town of Spartanburg in South Carolina, on Monday, October 23, tearing down trees and power lines. Properties were damaged during the storm, including the Spartanburg Community College. The area was hit by a possible tornado, but the National Weather Service can not confirm a tornado until Tuesday.

A CCTV camera has captured dramatic footage of the moment a tornado turned a South Carolina warehouse into rubble in mere seconds. The warehouse was totally destroyed when winds of over 110 mph battered through Spartanburg. Miraculously, no one inside was seriously injured as staff managed to escape to safety seconds before the full force was felt.

One of the workers said: "The tornado ripped through concrete and steel like it was wet paper, causing millions of dollars in damage in seconds. By God’s grace no one who was working that day was killed or even seriously injured. Let this be a lesson, to be ready at all times for the unknown because, as shown in this video, the storm was there in seconds and with no time to prepare or plan an escape."

Surprisingly, the camera survived the onslaught and managed to capture footage of the immediate aftermath. The warehouse’s walls were all turned to piles of rubble and dust, while the forklift that one of the workers was operating just seconds before the eye of the storm hit the business, can be seen laying sideways on the floor.

The storm was classified as an EF2 tornado, meaning it reached wind speeds of between 110 and 135 mph.

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      jsteveallington · 47 weeks ago

      WHen I moved to Geer, South Carolina back in 1973, a tornado had litterly passed through Spartenburg just one day before. It;s sad to think that this has happed yet again.

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      KickRocks84 · 33 weeks ago

      My comment got deleted cause I spoke the truth.. @Rachel Dorsey, fuck off with your trolling salty bitch self!!