Parents Pull Disneyland Trip Surprise At The Airport

Published December 7, 2017 4,123 Plays

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesIn addition to "School is canceled," and "You can have chocolate for dinner" there is another set of magic words that will get any kid, and many adults, more excited. The phrase "We are going to Disney" is music to the ears of those who dream of visiting this magical place.

With Christmas around the corner, this is the season for parents surprising their children with trips to Disney. Vacations are great Christmas gifts and pulling off a great reveal can make the trip memorable before you even left the house.

If you’re thinking about planning a surprise trip to Disney right now, keep your child’s temperament in mind. Some children will literally be jumping for joy at the idea of a surprise Disney trip. Other children simply cannot process the magnificence of the words "Surprise! We're going to Disney" and might have an immediate meltdown.

These parents decided to keep their kids in the dark and arranged a surprise Disney trip for the whole family! They went out of their way and printed out customized T-shirts that symbolize and announce that they are about to visit this magical place! The kids thought they were flying away to visit a friend in North Dakota, and little did they know it was a family reunion trip of 30 people to Disneyland!

Watch as the boy gets overwhelmed with joy and gives an emotional hug to his dad! The moment he reads the writing on the shirt, he gets teary eyes and cannot believe his eyes! What an amazing surprise! I cannot wait but her them magical words "Surprise! We're going to Disney!"

Credit: Jonathon Duhme