Men Observe Avalanche From A Distance As Clouds Of Powder Come Close

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Published: December 7, 2017

A video has emerged from an avalanche captured on camera in Hunza valley, Pakistan. A man was on a trip to the Northern areas of Pakistan and filmed this footage from "Ulter peak" in Gilgit Baltistan, which is a popular place where locals climb for a picnic.

The weather in winter is very unpredictable because of the surrounding mountains. While this man was trekking on the peak on 23rd November 2017 he witnessed an avalanche coming right at him. Fortunately, he was not alone, his friend "Moiz Ali" accompanied him and told him that the upcoming avalanche is not very dangerous, therefore the two man proceeded this phenomenon from a distance.

If you ask the locals they would say that they often witness these avalanches back from their town but it rarely happens they are trekking on peak. Watch as they observe the phenomenon from a distance, but white powder is scattered all over the place and comes very close to them, leaving them in deep cloud of powder.

An avalanche or snowslide is a rapid flow of snow down a sloping surface. Avalanches are typically triggered in a starting zone from a mechanical failure in the snowpack when the forces on the snow exceed its strength but sometimes only with gradually widening i.e. the loose snow avalanche. After initiation, avalanches usually accelerate rapidly and grow in mass and volume as they entrain more snow. If the avalanche moves fast enough some of the snow may mix with the air forming a powder snow avalanche, which is a type of gravity current.

The load on the snowpack may be only due to gravity, in which case failure may result either from weakening in the snowpack or increased load due to precipitation. Avalanches initiated by this process are known as spontaneous avalanches. Avalanches can also be triggered by other loading conditions such as human or biologically related activities. Seismic activity may also trigger the failure in the snowpack and avalanches.

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