A Hotel Hanging Off A Cliff Demands Only Brave Guests

ZoominTVLifestylePublished: December 7, 2017
Published: December 7, 2017

Just in case you have never dared to do this, there are 900 meters high hotels that have rooms hanging off a cliff. Take a look at this video and see what it looks like to stay in the world’s most dangerous hotel.

Indonesia has just joined the adventure hotel industry with new "rooms" that are not for guests afraid of heights. Have you ever wondered what is like to sleep in an eagles nest? Well, this hotel room offers you that particular height and view!

Located in Purwakarta, Indonesia, the Skylodge adventure hotel is just a two-hour drive from Jakarta. The trick to get to your room is simple. You have to climb at least 500 meters up at a 60-degree incline. Guests climb via ferrata, a latter-like framework made of iron. The rooms hang precipitously off the side of a mountain. It’s not unlike camping, visitors say, except for the fact that you’re hanging from a rock cliff, 500 meters above the ground. And the bathroom is Different! Haha!
For people who like to travel abroad and live on the edge, quite literally, there is always a room with a view in the Skylodge hotel. For only $300, you can get a room with air conditioning, WI-FI, a toilet and breakfast. There are 10 rooms available in the hotel and more to come after the grand opening.

Are you fascinated? You can check out the video footage of what the entire experience looks like and see if you are ready to take such a challenge!

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