Kid Drops Dad's New iPhone After A Quick Camera Quality Check

Paige Published December 7, 2017 14,126 Plays

Rumble / Epic FailsWhen adults buy themselves brand new stuff, it is always a good idea to keep said new stuff away from their kids’ little fingers. Not because kids are not allowed to see or use them, but because great chaos is iminent every time something expensive gets in their hands. Sloppy or careless, the epilogue in most of the cases is the same - objects drop from their hands, or get ran over, or stepped over, or maybe even drowned. That’s the scariest scenario.

After watching this video, you will think twice before giving your child the brand-new gadget that you have just bought and unpacked.

Daddy has bought a new iPhone. His son knew that, so he asked his father to check out the phone features and applications. Of course, camera was the first one on the list. Is there a better place than the bathroom for checking the camera quality and all the gadgets it is offering?

"Let me give you a small walkthrough in our bath." That’s how the little boy’s journey starts; hopefully he will not end up breaking or spilling something. "This is the bath, it is filled with water and it is full of toys for me to play when I go it. Splashing and playing with toys in a tub full of warm water is a fun way of spending your evening.” we guess is what goes through his mind as he is filming the bathroom’s interior.

Then comes the mirror’s turn. Wow, the camera has shown itself pretty cool till now. A small smiling face appears on the screen… "Hi". The next moment, an audible thud can be heard, followed by a crack. What we all feared while watching this kid having some "innocent fun" with the new gadget has become a reality, when the camera shows the bathroom ceiling.

"Bring my phone here" yells dad from the other room. "What have you done? Have you dropped it?" The kid admits that he did in fact let the phone meet the tile floor, but "the phone’s alright". At least he didn't drop it in the bathtub!