From Autism to COVID: How a Holistic Nurse Has Helped Millions

4 months ago

From Autism to COVID: How a Holistic Nurse Has Helped Millions
Maureen McDonnell - Founder of Millions Against Mandates (MAM)

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McDonnell, who has been helping families for some 40 years, noticed early on that something was wrong. The number of autism cases she was seeing was skyrocketing, as were childhood chronic health conditions. Concerned, she began working with DAN (Defeat Autism Now) to help find answers. In that capacity, she organized their conferences for ten years, bringing parents, physicians, and researchers together since the medical profession not only did not seem interested but was gaslighting them.

Seeing similar tactics being used when the COVID ‘plandemic’ hit, Maureen jumped into action. Inspired by Robert F. Kennedy, JR., who said “Let’s stand shoulder to shoulder and bring them down,” she founded MAM, Millions Against Mandates.

To more effectively help people (and help them push back), Maureen is working to upgrade the marketing and educational pieces of the health freedom movement. For example, when people are called “anti-vaxxers”, a derogatory label, advocates should correct them by saying they are “vaccine injury specialists”. MAM is also producing a series of great videos with the support of the Centner Foundation – on today’s food toxins, environmental toxins, and vaccines.

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