The Revolutionary Concept Of Leasing A Pair Of Jeans: The Selfless Jeans

ZoominTVLifestylePublished: December 6, 2017
Published: December 6, 2017

"One of the most beautiful moments was when we were lying down in the grass. I’m going to miss you. You were my favorite."

People love their jeans. They have become very deeply integrated in our culture of living that we cannot even imagine our world without them.

But have you ever thought of a concept where you do not own but lease ‘your’ jeans?

MUD Jeans is a Dutch denim company that has thought of a brand new concept called ‘The Selfless Jeans’, which is word play on a Richard Dawkin’s book on evolution. And what a revolutionary concept it really is!

"Today I’m wearing a sweater made from 100% waste. Consumers really want this, but a lot of companies aren’t offering it," says Bert van Son, the Concept Founder MUD Jeans.

"There are so many reasons for leasing your jeans at MUD. One of the main being that you can return them after you’re done with them and it seems like a new item every time. I love it! And I like to feel like I’m part of a good cause. When you begin leasing, you sign an agreement stating you solemnly swear to return the jeans if you are no longer wearing them," says one customer.

There’s a huge pressure to produce new things every day. Leasing your jeans means that certain resources are returned to the production cycle. 1.5 billion jeans are sold annually worldwide. 1 pair of recycled jeans uses 80% less water and 60 % less CO2.

Leasing jeans is a way of consuming goods without owning them. The principle is getting more and more followers. Their goal is not only to make profit but also to contribute to humankind and nature and hope to be a model for the fashion industry.

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