She Thinks She's Part Of The Act, But There's A Homecoming Surprise Waiting For Her

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Published: December 6, 2017

One big “hooray” for the inventive guys that never stop surprising their girlfriends. It seems like proposal ideas never stop. Just when you thought you have seen all the proposals in the world, something new comes up.

U.S. Marine Captain Alex Grubbs and his girlfriend Brina Saldivar, an electrical engineer, have chosen to visit The Science Museum in Oklahoma for their first date. It happened on October 31, 2015. Two years later, on Oct. 31, 2017, Brina came back at the museum. A “science” magician was performing a show in which she took place as a volunteer. Lots of sounds and smells spread all over the room. Interesting bubbles and a palm full of foam, but she did not realize that few minutes later something else is going to adorn her hand.

Her marine boyfriend Alex was on deployment and was supposed to come back in a week. She didn’t know that plans have changed and that this guy is hiding behind the stage, waiting for the right moment to appear.

As the act has concluded, the magician asks Brina how it felt having bubbles lighted on her hand. He then started to look for something he needed for the next act. While looking for it, he told Brina that something was there waiting for her. That’s when Alex appeared.

First she was confused seeing him there in the first place, but then another surprise for her. A proposal ring standing in front of her, waiting for her answer...

The place where their story began became the place where the next chapter of their life had begun.

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