Sweet Toddler Tries Ice Cream For The First Time And He Loves It

Ever tried asking a kid what their favorite food was an ‘ice cream’ as a response? Yeah, we get that, because ice cream is scrumptious, smooth and makes every day that much better. What we really love about ice cream is that you can eat it every season; it cools you down in the summer heat, but also makes the winter cold that much more bearable!

Doesn’t matter if you eat it straight out of the box, as a part of an elaborate dish, or as a float, ice cream is awesome! Do you remember the first time you had some? We think we can guess how you reacted to the incredibly sweet and insanely cold bite in your mouth. Just check little Ty.

After watching the grownups have some delicious Breyers ice cream, the 19-month-old wanted in on the action. It looked so good in mommy’s bowl, he just had to have some! Well, this little dude had no idea what was coming his way.

Dad serves his little guy with a toddler-sized spoonful, but what Ty doesn’t know it that ice cream can give you brain freeze! As soon as the chocolaty goodness touches his tongue, Ty gets the crash course in eating frozen goods. Each bite is followed by an adorable giggle and few taps on the head.

It didn’t dissuade the sweet tot from asking for more of the stuff, because yum! He asks for more by clapping his hands, waiting eagerly for the next bite. The brain freeze doesn’t go away, but the giggle get louder and the smiles get wider. So sweet.

It’s so funny when kids try new food for the first time. Their reactions can be so funny and this toddler trying ice cream for the first time is the cutest thing ever! His first time trying ice creams was really confusing for him. However, when his dad offered him another bite of the chocolate ice cream he really enjoyed it. He even started giggling.

Oh, and the face he made after that was just heart melting. You can immediately tell that he really enjoyed that chocolate ice cream. We don't quite remember our first time trying ice cream but we were probably excited just like this little dude? Do you remember your first time trying ice cream?

After the second bite, he wanted more. He started clapping his hands and he asked for more. His dad gave him another spoonful and he just stood there with a big smile holding the ice cream in his mouth. How precious he is! His family cannot help but laugh at how adorable Ty is. Who else was laughing with them?

We love dessert. All kinds. But there's something about ice cream that makes people happy. Apparently, toddlers too. Ice Cream is food for the soul. It makes us happy, it melts our soul and when we eat ice cream we fell peace and this is exactly why this kid fell in love right away!

Video credit: Karin Fullington

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