5 years ago

Otter Babies Party In Rehabilitation Facility

Тhe rehabilitation center ARC for Wildlife where orphaned river otters are taken care of is located in East Texas. This orphanage gives little unprotected otters safe place to eat, sleep and grow up enough to be released back into the wild when they reach their adulthood.

An autumn wind storm blew through this part of Texas leaving the tree leaves on the ground. Most of the otters in this center see fallen tree leaves for the first time in their lives. How did the orphaned river otters react to the piles of leaves they saw in the park? Well, like every other child...

Making an otter invasion all over the rehabilitation center yard. Hooray! The leaves party started and you could see otters jumping and running all over the place.

The 7-9 moths old otters Screamer, Chubby, Chubby Girl, Sweet Little Girl, Mean Little Girl, Slasher and Bruce the Shark made a real western movie chase.

“Hello there, human. How are you today?” and suddenly an otter is seen standing over the cameraman’s foot.

Some of them even tried to fit themselves into the pipes that are placed there for them to play.

“I want to try and go trough that thin pipe… Nope, it does not fit me. Maybe next autumn when I will loose my belly.”

Others were just laying around and enjoying maybe the last warm autumn days. What a fun day they had!

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