Try And Find These 16 Animals In The Picture

Published December 5, 2017 69,819 Views

Rumble / Do It YourselfPeople have been creating art for millenia. The first recorded painting is done on the walls of a cave, it has since been painted on canvas and lately it’s been gracing the walls of apartment buildings in big cities. Art has a way of calming and channeling the thoughts of a person. It can help us get through bad times and it can help us depict the good ones. It serves to send a message or to give an introspective of the painter’s mind.

There have been many genres in world art, each more unique than the other. At certain times in history people have enjoyed creating almost real-life paintings of people and nature, at others the focus has been to create a different reality, serving as an escape from the existing one. Sometimes artists feel like the viewer’s eye has to work for it a bit in order to find out the meaning of the picture. They would create an illusion that’s so frustrating to decipher, but in the end everything would be worth it.

Take this picture as an example. This piece shows an object inside of an object. There are multiple animals inside one animal and they are only distinguished by the contrasting color. We know that there is an elephant represented as the largest animal and inside of him we can distinguish a horse, a dog inside of the horse, a cat inside of the dog and a mouse inside of the cat. But in reality there is a whopping number of 16 animals inside the picture. Can you guess what they are? Make sure you give us your answers in the comments down below.